Penny Lemons Ramey - Children's Book Author & Illustrator


Buried and Forgotten



Imagine being a twelve-year-old boy seeking shelter in a storm cellar during a tornado with your frail grandmother.  You feel the earth tremble and horrible sounds of trees being ripped apart right outside the door.  You survive the storm, but massive trees, mud, and rocks block the only way out.  You are running out of Grandma’s heart medicine, your inhaler is getting low, and you can’t figure out why the fire department has forgotten you.  While killing a snake, you knock a hole in the back wall revealing another room.  Grandma tells you that you are forbidden to go in there; it’s too dangerous.

Follow the adventures of Trey Franklin as he learns where the room leads, and about the tragedy that occurred when Grandma was little.  He will have to risk it all to search for a way out through the forbidden room, if he wants to save his and Grandma’s life. Will he make it out in time to save Grandma and get home to his family?

Find out all of this and more when you read Buried and Forgotten.


Suddenly, he hears a strange hissing noise and the hair on the back of his neck stands up.  “Grandma, don’t move.” He whispers.  He walks slowly to the back of the room with his shovel in one hand and the flashlight in the other.  He takes the shovel and pushes at a couple of boxes when suddenly a long brown snake with diamonds on his back lunges out from behind a shelf.  Stabbing at the snake with the end of his shovel, he misses hitting the wall, then swats again. The snake opens his mouth, revealing his large fangs. Trey’s heart is beating so fast that he thinks he’s going to have a heart attack. This time Trey hits it one good time and then it coils its tail around the shovel. He keeps grinding the tip of the shovel down as hard as he can until the tail stops moving.  Blood squirts onto the floor and the snake finally rolls down the shovel.  He lifts the shovel and brings it down smashing the pile of snake one last time.  Bloody pieces of snake flesh spatter against the back wall. “That was a close one. He looked like a copperhead!” 

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