Penny Lemons Ramey - Children's Book Author & Illustrator


Exposing the Truth About My School

Exposing the Truth About My School
This is the story about a sixth grader named David. He thinks he is about to uncover an underground theft ring in his school after finding things missing and peculiar happenings. Read David’s journal and follow his adventure as he discovers the unbelievable truth about what is really going on.


When the 3:05 bell rings, Pete and David rush out of the side door, cutting through the butterfly garden between the buildings.  A warm breeze blows past them, shaking the leaves in a live oak tree in the center of the garden.  David stops suddenly, feeling a chill run up the back of his neck.  He stops. “What was that? Did you feel it?”

“What?” asks Pete. ”I didn’t feel anything.”
David’s eyes widen, he looks back and forth at the garden area. “It was kinda like a buzzing sound, but I felt it run up my neck." A black vulture with two feathers missing on one wing, sweeps out of the top of the live oak tree. Gliding smoothly, it flies over the school and lands on a tall blue water tower across the street. 
“That was creepy,” says Pete. 
“Yeah.  Let’s get outta here.  ”They rush through the garden and cross the street to the sidewalk on the other side.  Once they turn the corner they walk two more blocks and arrive at David’s house.  They hurry to his bedroom and shut the door.

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