Penny Lemons Ramey - Children's Book Author & Illustrator


Rosey the Nosey Basset Hound

Read a Review of the book Rosey The Nosey Basset Hound from The Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine on page 61. (Click onto link below)
Meet Rosey The Nosey Basset Hound. A wonderful story about a mischievous, ball hogging pup with a big nose who sniffs out corn thieves, discovers strange animals living next door, and steals the hearts of all
who meet her.
$10.00 + 2.80 shipping within USA.
Also Available at at Barnes & Noble Books
and Amazon.
11 x 14 Prints of the cover of the book "Rosey The Nosey Basset Hound" 
and The Foxfire Magazine are available for  $15.00

"Rosey visits Wiley Presbyterian Church"  (featured on the Cover of Foxfire Magazine, May 2014)

            Rosey Book Cover              (below)

Foxfire Cover - $15.00
Rosey Cover - $15.00
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